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VICI or Virtual Inventory Communication Interface is a patented secure transmission solution for remote 3D printing offered by DEFEND3D.
The VICI software solution comprises two desktop software applications, VICI Box and VICI Print.

  • The VICI BOX application allows users to add digital IP in the format of Gcode. Users are then responsible for ensuring the Gcode file is sliced using correct settings, with the correctly intended manufacturing device.
  • VICI Print is the desktop application intended for the end user to access the digital catalogue and One-Click-Print, from a remote location and outside of the trusted environment.

Each organisation is equipped with the role of a Super Administrator to handle permissions and overall management. At all times, the Super Administrator has full control over the organisation subscription with the ability to upgrade, downgrade, or create a custom plan at any time. This can be managed using Admin Tab on the left side menu of VICI Box Application.
VICI BOX FAQs - Organisation Admin
Once invited, you will receive an email prompting you to activate your account. You must click the ‘Activate Account’ button in order to successfully log in.
Once the account is activated, users will have access to install or access either VICI Box, or both VICI Box and VICI Print, based on the invitation set up by the Super Administrator. Upon installing the VICI application, they will be prompted for the first time to enter a License Key, which will be delivered via email.
The VICI Box application is used for populating the digital catalogue with Virtual Inventory, whilst ensuring protection of IP. Files can be added from the top menu.
The dashboard page in VICI Box displays all activity related to the products added per VICI Box user. This includes printing and user activity.
The Department Administrator can invite unlimited Contributors to their department and assign access to Sub-Catalogues with specified access rights. Contributors can only access the pre-installed applications, with no admin rights.
Projects allow VICI Box users to create private catalogues that can be accessed ONLY by invited users. Administrators can remove and give access to any user of the organisation.
Yes, you can add DICOM files but only for the conversion into STL files. For adding DICOM files into the digital catalogue, you will need to slice the STL and submit a Gcode file.
If prompted for a license key when using the VICI applications for the first time, enter the key previously emailed to you. If no key was emailed, use the prompt to request a new key or contact the Super Administrator of your organisation.
To begin, the role of the Super Administrator is to create a department within the organisation and assign a Department Administrator accordingly. From there, the Super Administrator has full access and control over all Virtual Inventory added within the department.
No, VICI Box can be used for accessing the Digital Catalogue for reviewing and/or reporting products, as well as contacting the designer of products when needed. Printing must take place from the VICI Print application
If a single gcode file is to contain multiple components, before slicing ensure that there is sufficient space between each component to compensate for potential fusing.
We recommend an overhang angle of 45 degrees when not using support material.
Our patented security protocol delivers end to end encryption allowing organisations to store their designs locally on their home server while enabling them to use their virtual inventory to manufacture parts in remote locations without any file transfer in the process and with no data at rest.
After file submission, the Administrator is prompted to edit the product. Once edited, select “Add to Catalogue” in order to make the product active, otherwise it will not be visible for other members of the organisation.
The part produced with VIC Print will be printed in the orientation as per the Gcode it has been sliced for. It is recommended that digital assets are reviewed by the owner in order to test the quality of the product before submitting.
You can review our list of integrated devices here. If you have a device you would like added, please contact us
Yes, multiple items can be submitted as a single folder. Individual items from this folder can be accessed from the VICI Print catalogue. The entire folder or a single item from the folder can be added to the print queue of the VICI Print application.
VICI Box allows users to submit CNC files in the format of Gcode. Once added, users can select the desired CNC machine from the device drop down list. See integrated devices here.
In order to install VICI Print, you will need to receive an invitation from your Super Administrators or Department Administrator in order to access the installers.
If you can’t access VICI Print, use the link in the Login screen to reset the password. If the problem persists, you will need to contact your Super Administrator. Note that an Administrator or Contributor account is necessary to use the application.
Once logged in to VICI Print, simply select your device from a drop down of integrated machines and connect.
Access inventory from the Catalogue page and add products to your print queue. Once added, you’ll have the option to stream the print. Make sure to connect your device first.
In the event of a failed print, the option to restream becomes available. The operator has five attempts to print that particular item before being prompted to contact the designer for support or printing advice.
Yes, designers can be contacted from the product page within the digital catalogue. This opens a messenger thread within the app for further communication.
Yes, products can be reported from the product page within the digital catalogue. This sends a notification to the designer of the product, as well as the Department and Super Administrator.
Yes, the manufacturing device must be connected to the machina via USB cable.
If your printer is not on the list, please get in touch to submit a request.
Please note that the DEFEND3D software solution is updated regularly so we recommend checking our integrated printers here.
Yes. Operators can remove orders by clicking in the delete icon in the print queue of VICI Print.
If there are any issues with VICI Print, please contact your Super Administrator.
As a security measure, only emails are used for identifying accounts. Accounts are managed by the Super Administrator.
In order to reset or obtain a new password, the VICI Print account holder will need to request a new one through the ‘Forgot Password’ functionality in the Login screen.